The guardian- Imogen Tilden

Featured in the Guardians FUTURE 50 top artist in the world (nov 2016)

BBC Radio 6- Mary Anne Hobbs    

‘ She’s sure to stop you in your tracks…Really is so beautiful…’

Loud & Quiet Magazine

('Wandering heart' Album review October 2016) 


''What places her on a higher plane than most of her contemporaries is actually pretty simple: the sheer strength of her songwriting, and the truly soul shifting quality of her voice... This is mature, refined songwriting of the highest calibre.''


After a colourful and drifting upbringing between France and England, Brooke Sharkey has developed the intense narrative songwriting style which has won her admiration from the likes of  Mary Anne Hobbs (BBC6 Music). Busking since the age of 16 around Europe and the UK, most specifically in London, France and Italy these last five years, her music influences are broad . Her songs challenge the boundaries of love , tell stories of personal encounters,  reflecting on the places the last two years have taken her physically and emotionally. Brooke taps into topics that many people think, or feel but don't allow themselves to talk about and she finds hope and power through honesty in her writing; all the while celebrating human emotion with its many flaws, lack of understanding, imagination and vulnerability. 


'Your tomorrow' speaks of our feelings that others do better than us and  find things easier. We get lost in admiration all the while forgetting the someone is looking straight at us and we can't see it.

'Wandering  heart' is an achingly intimate conversation between a couple about allowing each other to explore open love,  it ends in a musical chaos which reflects inner turmoil or the release of self trying the deal with such matters.


Brooke takes her musical influences from old french music, folk, and contemporary pop/rock. These songs were written about  London life and summers travelling along the coasts of France and Italy with long term collaborator Adam Beattie ( who plays guitar in Brooke's band but who is also a singer/songwriter in his own right. 

This album was recorded at One cat studios in Brixton, produced by Brooke Sharkey, and co-arranged with her band members, french horn player Jez Houghton, Sam pert on drums, Adam Beattie on guitar and Double bass.

 This is Brooke's second full length album and will be touring the UK and Europe in October and November and Europe in March/April 2017.


The Observer   

‘Brooke has an incredible voice, amazing control and Grace’

Time out London- 

It’s an aural treat!

Patrick Derloin - Fip Radio France -

 ‘Un ressenti qui traverse le corps et l'âme et on ne se pose pas d'avantage de question, le disque reste dans la tête et dans le cœur, il est au dessus des autres…’

English translation: ' An unquestionable sensation that runs through the body and soul, the music stays in the head and in the heart, it is above all others..'

Fresh beats-

'Brooke Sharkey oozes a creativity that radiates emotion. She is a woman who bleeds artistry'




All songs written by Brooke Sharkey ( Pre-production and arrangements by Brooke Sharkey, Adam Beattie & Samuel Pert. French Horn arrangements by Jez houghton. Post-Production & Editing by Brooke Sharkey. Mixed by Sonny ( Mastered by Tim Debney at Fluid Mastering, London. Live band takes recorded at One Cat studios, Brixton, London by Jon Clayton. Overdubs recorded by the musicians themselves.


Front and back cover photos by Melodie Roulaud (

Inside sea photograph by Alan Schaller (

Graphic design by Eduardo Giménez Ibáñez (



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